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Integrating and enhancing your school ERP software with Parent School Communication Mobile App

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Need an innovation idea for your school to manage school communication App ?

While a couple of years ago school diary was the only way for parents and teachers to communicate each other about school activities.

Today the online school management solutions has made a variety of tools to empower teachers to cooperate with parents and create a beneficial learning environment.

Regularly keeping parents updated and parent communication by the teachers is to be made ease.However the parents like to remain aware of the day to day exercises and activities happening in the school. In this situation integrating your school ERP software with a seamless parent school communication mobile app will make the work ease for teachers as well as school management to make track of the communications through the softwares.

Palmate Technologies has developed a seamless platform for parent-school communication

app - MyKites

Some of the features of Mykites or Basic Communication App's :

  • Parent-Teacher Communication

  • School Calendar

  • Student Database

  • Daily Update Templates

  • Work Sheet Sharing

  • Lesson Plan Sharing

  • Notice Broadcast

  • Attendance

  • Supports All Global Language

These above mentioned features should be the basic features provided by the communication platforms.

Today there is a lot of research-driven evidence that has demonstrated that family involvement in a child's academic life is a key indicator of a student's prosperity. Different experts believe that a positive connection between the parent and the teacher affects a student's future achievement and development both in and outside of the classroom. Using an integration to your ERP software is one of the best ways to incorporate the latest technology and keep parents updated about home assignments, school occasions, educational strategies and children's scholarly and non-scholastic performance.

Contact for MyKites Communication Platform for institutions :

Website :

Call Us : +966 53 542 0507

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