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Ecommerce Consulting in Saudi Arabia,Build your distribution hub in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

Consumers in Saudi Arabia have definitely increase their online acquisition of food items in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, new information uncovers.Most of the administration shut down open scenes, with most of the populace working distantly, and social distancing measures executed.

Saudi has a total of 147 million internet users, 93 million active social media users, 312 million mobile subscriptions, as well as 83 million active mobile social users. These figures afford an inkling of the enormous potential the region has to offer for further growth. With Vision 2030, the strong growth along with the positive government approach in the region, shoppers can predict continual improvements in the value added by the ongoing upward trend in ecommerce.

Palmate can guide you through the sectors of e-commerce such as digitalization, digital wallet and social networking service. Our consultants will assist you through the everchanging needs of buyers, beat competitors, and guide you to succeed in the market.

Our Key Features :

  • Developing Ecommerce platform for your business.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (Integrate ERP to your platform).

  • Saudi Market Intelligence.

  • Digital Transformation .

  • Digital Transaction Support.

  • Digital Marketing Consultation.

  • Online Reputation Management.


Contact Us

T  : +966 12 601 7649 | E  :

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