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The real piece of Odoo is out - Odoo 16, the best Odoo yet.

The quickest, most beautiful, and most user-friendly version Odoo have ever created!

Odoo 15 was already lightning quick. However, guess what? It didn't stop there, though. Odoo 16's performance has been enhanced across the entire technology stack. To give you a few instances, this means that:

  • It takes 3.7 times longer to open an invoice from the backend.

  • On average, there are 2.4 times fewer SQL queries per URL.

  • eCommerce pages are now 3.9 times faster to load.

Accord with your Accounting.

After undergoing a recent refactoring, Odoo Accounting has already considerably benefited, ranking among the top real-time accounting apps. However, it went above and above this year to make the majority of processes as simple as possible.

Odoo started by making the app's overall navigation better and continued to add and update localization packages as normal, and are pleased to report that now more than 70 nations are included.

The user experience is significantly enhanced by the new bank reconciliation widget. The process is accelerated since everything is more organised and clear.

Encoding invoices has never been easier than it is with the Accounting Firms mode: just enter the contact and the entire amount!

Spreadsheet & Dashboard Interaction

To be frank using reporting dashboards was a real pain. We had to stop that eventually, of course. All dashboards, including the aforementioned app, have been converted into spreadsheet-based reports. Now you may utilise them for sophisticated calculations or edition!

Because of this, Odoo gave Spreadsheet a lot of attention as we worked to improve it. The ability to see data using the List function, convert XLSX files to the Odoo Spreadsheet format, and use a new set of procedures to obtain accounting measures are just a few of the most significant updates.

Easy knowledge exchange and management

Have you ever thought how to manage the knowledge in your company? How can I write an internal document that my team may view and edit? Is it feasible to duplicate the entire hierarchy or make a clone of an article? Is there any way to accomplish all of that without utilising numerous external solutions or complicated folder structures? The response to each of them is, of course, yes!

Knowledge is a brand-new, user-friendly app that comes with Odoo 16. This app enables you to share company knowledge and even make it internally customised by allowing you to build or duplicate articles and their hierarchies.

Appreciate your time, and we'll see you soon.

Meanwhile if you have any enquiry we are just a call away :

Call Us : +966 12 601 7649

Email :

Palmate Technologies

L7, Al Murjanah Tower

Prince Sultan St, Ar Rawdah

PO Box 10113 Jeddah 21433,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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