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Nowadays, we don’t need to go to malls to buy product, the size, design, and material of the product can be viewed with the help of Augmented Reality, you can do all these things just from your smartphone. There are so many augmented reality applications available from which you just need to scan the app will guide you choosing the best-suited product for your choice.

This technology uses the mapping and matching technique to suggest some good product suggestions. By scanning, it processes and matches the scanned area with hundreds of preloaded products and filter the results using AI which will fit perfectly for you.




Augmented Reality technology is currently used by numerous industries including, software industry, automobile, construction, marketing and much more. Apart from this, one industry which is using this technology to boost its potential is the Furniture Industry.

The furniture industry is getting more modern and modular day by day. The manufacturers are leveraging advanced technology to accomplish some of the complex designs and to design some best utility furniture. The customer just needs to install the AR-based furniture application and scan the area on the go on your device. With the support of hundreds of furniture designs and thousands of colours, furniture shopping has taken a whole new avatar.

The innovation is just have started, this industry is growing at a rapid speed to bring some exceptional services to make your life less complicated and peaceful.

Palmate provides a dedicated AR service for furniture shops named AR Lounge . Contact for more details.

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