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ERP for fashion retails industry

Integrated solution to manage all the operations of Garment Industry. 

ERP to Manage Garment Industry


Do we have an ERP to manage Made-to-Measure Garments ? 

The major challenge of todays garment industry is to find the right Enterprise Resource Planning solution that fits all your needs. How about you have all these solutions under one shelter?

Integrated garment apps to manage complete operation- purchasing, managing inventory, wholesale and retail selling, logistics, accounting and managing a made-to-measure order process 

Do we have an ERP for Garment Industry?

Purchase Features

  • Feature to store catalog number, internal and vendor quality number, internal and vendor shade  number in product master 

  • Manage purchase booking 

  • Importing vendor shipment file to record inventories against a Purchase Order 

ERP Features for Purchase in Garment Industry
ERP Features for Purchase in Garment Industry

Sales Features

  • Allow smart searching of product based on catalogs, quality number, lots, and packages 

  • Add search result to order lines on click of a box 

  • Support wholesale and retail sales 

  • Automatically identifies product and lot number when the barcode is scanned 

  • Recording salesman against every line of the order 

Inventory Features

  • Allow smart searching of product based on catalogs, quality number, lots, and packages while doing internal transfers 

  • Real Time Reports

  • Track every stock move with double-entry inventory system.


Made-to-Order Features

  • Dynamic creation of measurement templates of made-to-measure products 

  • Managing customer measurement history 

  • Auto updating of price based on the parameters selected 

  • Option to pull customer past measurement against a sales order 

  • Managing production lifecycle of the product 

  • Auto sending of email to customer at various stages 

  • Ability to track order status 

Product at a Glance

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