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ERP for managing Construction & Contracting projects

Integrated solution to manage all the project related operations of Contracting or Construction Industry. 


Track your project related tasks in Stages :

  • Bidding (Planning Phase)

  • Budgeting (Budget for the task)

  • In-Progress (Task started)

  • Completed (Task completed)

Smooth/Easy Transition of task from one stage to another:

  • On button click task can be moved from ‘Bidding’ stage to ‘Budgeting’ stage using ‘Move to Next Stage’ button.


Manage Project Task Parameters :

  • Manpower: ( Manpower/Employees needed to complete the task)

  • Material: ( Materials/Products required to complete the task)

  • Subcontracts: ( Third party vendors services required to complete the task)

  • Equipments: ( Equipments needed to complete the task)

On moving from Bidding to Budgeting stage, it carries Manpower, Material, Subcontract & Equipment Bidding Lines to Budgeting Lines of the task.

Bidding & Budgeting Cost Report

Bidding & Budgeting cost for Manpower, Material, Subcontract, Equipment & Grand bidding/budgeting is reflected to Tasks List view.

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 11.54_edited.jpg

More Features 

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 12.08_edited.jpg

Record Timesheet of Employee for a task:

In Progress stage of task, user can enter Timesheet or Manpower lines to task.

Record Normal working hours and overtime working hours of an employee:

Manpower cost will get calculated based on Working Type, if working type is normal, Timesheet cost in employee HR tab will be used. If working type is overtime, Timesheet overtime cost will be used.

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