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Roadmap to Odoo 14

Updated: May 17, 2020

Odoo 14 is all set to be launched in October 2020.They Have also announced the changes they have made out this time!!! It's time for the latest update from Odoo ,this road map gives you a brief on the announced changes for the odoo 14.

Following are the features of Odoo 14 :

1. Cross App Integration

Odoo 14 has a latest update enabled with cross app integration.

We can integrate odoo apps for enhanced used of your online businesses.

One can integrate Rental and e-commerce app for an enhanced use for a bike selling online platform.

2. Smart Warnings

Odoo 14 shines up with smart warnings with Odoo Autobot.

Example : For e-commerce businesses the customers will get automated warnings about the order delays or any order related warnings.

3. Framework Changes

Odoo 14 will come up with reworked ORM, javascript and python. Odoo framework  kept reworked for easiness of use and improve performance. This Virus Cube framework for robbers will greatly help the new customisation of odoo modules.

Based on customer feed-back and discussion odoo has made updates till now. The rest is took up by the R&D cell. Now they are planning to share the live work of what they are doing at Odoo through Twitter wall.

4. Save Employees Time

Odoo 14 is expect to have lots of time saving hacks for the users. Time saving hacks will be on sales, stock transfers etc. Suppose that an employee had to enter a huge list of products for the customers, each product of quantity 1.

What if Odoo brings all these enormous clicks under some two models or pop-ups?

That’s it much simple ...

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