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Road Map to Odoo v13

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Odoo ERP has been developed specifically for the requirements to be covered. Odoo v12 marks one year after its release and a new version, which is Odoo version 13 is all set to launch soon on Oct , 2019.

The new version contributes to the business to propel forward with utmost efficiency and quality. Odoo was launched last year, bringing forth with some new set of features and some of the incredible features in version 12 came to the accounting module. other features include document management, where the team can circulate documents with each other and internet of things module.

This blog is solely predicated on the new Odoo v13 presented during the Odoo experience 2018. many incredible traits of Odoo 13 can be witnessed. down below are some of the interesting features which will be found in Odoo v13.

  • Odoo bank

  • OCR

  • Service of the accountant

  • Integration with recruitment

  • Internet of things

  • Stock management enhancement

  • Improvement in maintenance app

  • Track positions

  • Record attendance

  • Industry focus

Odoo bank

Money is the most crucial feature in growing your business. it requires your precious time to be spent on acquiring a loan or simply going to the bank, that is where Odoo comes into play. the whole procedure of getting a loan from the bank will be simplified by offering the loan through Odoo, making it an incredibly easy task to get cash.

OCR(Optical Character Recognition)

V12 has already introduced OCR features. OCR( Optical Character Recognition) is a technology where documents captured from the digital camera is converted to an editable and searchable data. with this new feature, it makes it easier for the end-user to scan a record or fetch a data automatically then it will be recorded in the system. For example, a vendor has sent you a PDF report of the vendor bill, all you have to do is, upload the report. the system will scan it and it will be recorded into the system. it is that simple.

Accountant as a service

If you require an accountant, Odoo provides a suitable accountant as a substitute, which works on Odoo 13. A lot of money and time can be saved eventually. one does not have to transfer accounting data from Odoo to any other accounting software because everything is integrated.

Integration with recruitment

Odoo allows the HR department to post job ads in just one click on the recruitment websites like indeed, monster.

Internet of things

IoT is designed for the linkage of gadgets with the core platform. the range of ERP software gets increased which in turn helps to increase the capability of the software. IoT works perfectly well with other modules. using IoT devices for your business makes it helpful. it can be used as monitoring tools.

Stock management

this particular feature helps in tracking quantities to never run out of stock. Calculation of the on-hand stock and stock shortages will be informed via hardware.

Improvement in maintenance app

In the maintenance stage, IoT monitors devices properly and lets you know the status of each machine or equipment and it helps in the reduction of the downtime.

Track position

Positions can be tracked with Odoo IoT. it helps to know where the material, fleet and products are. suppose you own a big warehouse, Odoo helps in easily tracking down where the products are.

Impressive aspects are exhibited in Odoo v13, so we have to look at it one by one.

  1. Shifting of the website from builder to the community.

  2. Sales coupon and promotion module is shifted to the community.

  3. Shifting of the hr payroll from the community edition to enterprise.

  4. List view improvement.

  5. HR skills added for managing employee skills.

  6. Renaming from "leave" to "time off" in Odoo 13.

  7. Introduction of the new search panel in the kanban view.

  8. Introducing a new app called field service management.

  9. Renamed delivery method to shipping method.

  10. Odoo 13 is running on j.query 3.x.

  11. Subcontract of MRP.

  12. HTML editor support now as checklists.

  13. Odoo 13 provides chartjs.

  14. Work orders can be displayed on the timer.

  15. Point of sale login with employer Odoo 13.

  16. Product videos will be supported in Odoo e-commerce.

  17. Addition of 3 new fields i.e can be expensed, is landed cost and sell on eBay.

  18. Odoo v13 will have new forecasted inventory report.

  19. Managing online certification with Odoo surveys.Test deadline, on-screen timer, passing score, send and print certificates

  20. Open record rules and access rights easily in Odoo v13.

  21. Attachments options added in the portal by Odoo v13.

  22. Calculator widget Odoo v13.

  23. For binary fields, a new signature widget will be added by Odoo v13

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