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Odoo Magento Connector

Updated: May 17, 2020

Odoo Magento Connector fine-tunes the Magento features in making your e-Commerce shop run more effectively by simplifying and automating the process of your business.

Magento is a strong and popular e-commerce platform built on open source technology and Odoo is one of the fastest growing ERP system and when they both combine , your business process can be automated and simplified by linking your e-shop to Odoo ERP.

Through a single interface users can manage multiple eCommerce systems , as well as multiple stores with in a single eCommerce system.For inventory system real time sync can be done easily.

Odoo Magento Connector Features :

  1. Importing orders from magento to Odoo ERP

  2. Order status updates

  3. List your items with images

  4. Import/Export of your stocks and prices

  5. Import Product/Images form Magento

Core features:

  • 100% Open Source (AGPL version 3): the full source code is available on GitHub

  • Not only designed to connect Odoo with e-commerce backends, rather it is adaptable to connect Odoo with any type of service.

  • Robust for high volumetries and easy to monitor

  • A flexible set of building blocks, it does not force to a certain implementation but leaves the final choice to the developer on how to use the proposed pieces.See a Code Overview with examples of code

Download the connector : Download

To know more about Odoo Magento Connector : Click

Need Odoo Service ? : Click Here

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