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How to make an eye catchy website ?

Updated: May 17, 2020

"Almost every customers end up in your website first"

Designing a website was a real pain in the neck for everyone long ago.It was very complicated, required more knowledge and most of all ended up looking ugly at best.

Nowadays this is no longer the case, the new solutions like online website builders makes it easier, anyone with a computer and some knowledge can make website in just few clicks.

But this doesn't mean that every website will be eye catchy to customers since there are many stunning website developers who develop excellent websites and the competition to make their website eye catchy is high.

So if you want to be at the top of the list, you'd better make something that stands out. So, if you're a non expert trying to get your hand on a do-it-yourself website, read on!

Following are some recommendations that you should follow :

1.Aiming the right audience

Get to know who your real audience is.Create website by knowing the nature of these audience by keeping in mind that only the portion of the audience will be your customers.

Showcase them what they want to see and language support.

If you have a chance to interact with audience who speaks different language you will have to make and interface that supports these type of customers too.They might also talk english as well, so we can make the website defaults as english but at some point you will need to have your Website in the native language of your target audience.Switching language from website will be a best option to solve this issue.

2.Be clear on what you offer

Anyone who visits your website should have a clear cut idea about you offers and service, the core of you business should be transparent to the visitors.Visitors should be able to know about your business in least time that is less than seconds of time.If they did not get it quickly and easily they will just simply leave.These are the most basic tip but most often forgotten.Most of the company showcase their offers like low cost etc but forget to explain about their business or what they sell in few words.

3.Style out the interface

A store or a website is a virtual platform for your customers to interact with your business. All the pages should reflect your services or products, style it the way that reflects in such a way.

For example, if you sell hi-tech products, you should choose fonts and layouts that have a techie look. If you sell high-end products, your site should reflect the class and luxury of your goods. If you're not quite sure what to choose, use templates and layouts as a basis and customize them.

4.Make it Simple

People are always in a hurry and will literally fly through your website. If you want them to order something from you, make their journey smooth, easy and catchy. Design your website so that it feels simple and well-organised. Build menus that lead to the relevant content in just one click. You don't need to put all your content in there put what is needed to convince a visitor of making the next step (an online purchase, filling in a form,...), and nothing more.

5.Websites should be fast and light

A long load time is the biggest obstacle for a website.Websites with higher load time may cause visitors to leave away from surfing your website.Make sure that all the images and videos are optimised for the web.if your images are too big and videos take time to load, visitors will be fed up of waiting to see this stuff they will leave the site.

"Bear in mind that you have about five seconds to get your message across to your website's visitors"

6.Key product(service) attraction

Highlight your key products that is the product with you that others don't have.

Customers eye catching products should be displayed in front page and highlight or featured, customers will visit your website frequently if your products are unique and special.

It will be easier to suggest related products that may spark your customers' interest once they have what they came for in the first place.

Create specific landing pages based on the queries from Google you want to attract or are currently attracting (Google Webmaster tools can help with that).

7.Showcase unique added value of your business

Although it’s important to show visitors what you do, the second most important objective is to show what you can do for them. People are looking for more than just an item  or service to buy - they want to know what makes you different than the others. Is it the price ? The service ? The user experience on the Website ? Sometimes you just need to show, not tell, but many times you need to actually tell the prospect what you stand for.

This is what Marketers usually call "Unique Selling Proposition" or USP. Whether you sell products or services, what will bring more satisfaction to your customers is what they gain from choosing you above another seller. Think about what they want even before they do!

8.Transparency of contact details

Some of your customers will want to contact you. Make sure that your contact details are easy to find and that you can answer quickly.A mail management system will be very useful for any business to manage this customer interaction,CRM is the main stream in the area of online business.It will help you continue to respond rapidly, keep track of every enquiry and maintain customer satisfaction.

It may sound obvious, but I've come across many companies that had their phone number hidden somewhere in the website. Some of your customers will want to get an answer faster than you can provide it by email and some customers just prefer to call you. If you can support it, install a 'live chat' on your Website too.

9.Website Portability

Your website should have a mobile version or be mobile-friendly - this usually only takes a little extra effort when building your site, and sometimes none! Don't put too much stuff on one page. Keep it simple, user-friendly and most importantly light, as people will probably be using their mobile data (3G or 4G). If they feel it will cost them too much or waste too much time, they will leave and probably not come back with their mobile device.

10.Website Reference

A large number of people visiting your website may have used a search engine (like Google, Yahoo or Bing) to find your page. As we all know, a Google search normally produces thousands of results. So, it's best for your website to be on the first page and as close to the top as possible. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what people use to achieve this. The principle is easy - keywords in your pages are linked to keywords in searches. In reality, SEO is not that easy, and based on lots of factor that Google does not necessarily disclose. But there are 3 main points you should remember even as a non-specialist:

  • Links to your pages matter, 

  • Searched for, relevant keywords & quality content on your page matter

  • Other signals that your content is relevant & readable will help: social media sharing, mobile friendliness, correct page structure (like headings,..), etc.

Choose your website builder wisely: only a few will suggest you keywords related to your content.

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