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Found free wifi? It might be set up by hackers.

When we go cafe-hopping, we often lookout for free Wi-Fi.

But beware - these wireless networks could be spoofed by criminals, who could use it to spy on you and harvest your data.

To demonstrate the dangers of connecting to rogue Wi-Fi, Dan Tan, an expert from Checkpoint Security Software Technologies, spoofed Changi Airport’s free Wi-Fi.

When Why It Matters host Joshua Lim connected to it, Dan was able to read whatever he typed on the phone and even download documents that Joshua opened on his cloud storage.

Here is how it works, a cybersecurity expert has spoofed Changi Airport's Free Wifi.

This expert set up a simulation of how anyone can actually come up with any wifi name they want.

He can access any ones search engine results lively, He can watch anything the person typing in the search engines, one who is connected to this wifi.

He can access the persons cloud storage backup copies, he showed the copy Dan had opened in his phone.

This is a type of "Man in the Middle attack".

When you are connected to a hackers rogue wifi network, they can see every password you enter, every email you sent, documents you access & can give more access.

The app itself can trigger lots of stuff like they can send files or emails without the knowledge f the person, they can trigger remote recordings even cameras and other settings can be triggered by hackers.

Anyone who is hacked can be impersonated them or know who they are dealing with or maybe some information about your friends and loved ones.

Protect Yourself By :

  • Not entering sensitive info when on free wifi.

  • Installing a security solution on the device.

Video Credits : CNA insider

Channel Credits : CNA

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