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Why Odoo is a step ahead among ERP software?

‘Expand as you Grow’ the tagline from Odoo conveys a lot to its customers. Started in 2005 by open source enthusiast ‘Fabien Pinckaers’, Odoo is now one of the leading open ERP providers across the globe. Started in the name ‘Tiny ERP’, and later as ‘Open ERP ‘, Odoo endured many adversaries before securing its present status. Odoo became powerful and user-friendly in consequent years and expanded its customer base, partner network, and community support. And today with 3million+ customers and 730+ partner network, Odoo is one of the fastest growing open ERP solution in the world.

A bulky software with higher cost is the first thing comes to a person’s mind while thinking about an ERP solution. But open source technology and new developmental methods have changed the picture altogether. Odoo is one of the simplest ERP solution available and you can witness it from the design of each module. In Odoo, each module is a separate app that can be installed in your database.  Let us look the striking features of Odoo that keep it a step ahead of others.

Why Odoo

Comprehensive yet Simple to Use The 15000+ modules and apps it provides to the users make Odoo a powerful ERP. There is always a solution for your any type of need. But this bulkiness will not reduce system performance, as the user has to install required modules only.

Highly updated and Regular Upgrades. Odoo is a business solution that is designed to meet present as well as near possible business needs. Other than the classical modules like Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales etc. E-commerce, M-commerce, Business intelligence, Cloud assistance and more other modules make Odoo the need of the hour. Another widely appreciated feature of Odoo is that it is based on a technology stack that is modern and up-to-date. These technologies continue to be developed and adapted to the latest paradigms

Customizable and Scalable Since it is an Open source solution, you can customize Odoo to meet your changing needs. Either you can customize yourself or you may seek a service partner’s assistance for more sophisticated customization. Odoo Apps are another feature which keeps Odoo on top. The customer can access 15000+ free and paid apps from Odoo app store to add features to their software.

Any Business with Less Cost From large enterprise to a small organization, Odoo can serve any type of customer. It is simply customizable to cater any type of user needs. Similarly, the cost associated with it is affordable to any type of customer. If you need it for free, download and use it. If you need a service partner to assist then find an affordable hand from your locality.

Strong and Active Community What makes Odoo an exception to other ERP solutions is its continued strong community support. With 20000+ members and developers, Odoo community is one of the best Open ERP community in the world. You can find help on any of the issues from Odoo community portals.

Business Intelligence Odoo is not a conventional decision support system, rather it is more decision-making system. Various reports and analysis available in Odoo make your decision making simpler. And nowadays more AI apps and plugins are being contributed to Odoo App store, which in turn enhance the overall system capabilities.

Credits : Odoo Blogs

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