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Techno-Functional Odoo Training in Saudi Arabia

Are you and up to date proffessional or didn't upgrade your proffessional skills over the past 5 years?

For every job platforms it is neccessary for every individual to stay up with latest and updated informations and strategies.Walking along with the upto date changes will always make them survive in their competitive fields. So it is necessitating to upgrade the skills, enhance the performance and stay with the updated changes in their occupational domains.

Understanding the significance, many professional companies are into offering skill development training to their employees. Both functional-level and technical-level training are provided to the workforce by their management in pursuit of better productivity and result.

Being in the expansion stage, Odoo need more developers who can immensely contribute to its architecture. Palmate provides technical and functional trainings to improve the skills of the employees.

The core agenda behind technical training is to literate developers, and integrators the central conceptions of the Odoo development process.  The technical training is intended to help new Odoo developers in pushing the limits of their Odoo technical knowledge. 

Odoo training is available as "remote live training".Remote live training is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop.

Training is provided for Developers , System Administrators , Managers.

To register yourself for the techno-functional odoo training : Contact Us

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